A Dakota Ridge Adventure on the Sunshine Coast BC. And all this winter wonderland just minutes away and is in our backyard! Did you know it is rated one of the top ten places to snow shoe in BC?  Yes, it really is amazing.  It is a 20 minute drive up a forest service road, I discovered it about 10 years ago with my friend Jessica. Before the SCRD took over plowing the roads.  Being in the flow at Dakota Ridge, it is the ultimate recreational winter place for us coasters! You can go from coastal paradise (which means no snow to anyone that lives past the Lower Mainland) to winter wonderland in a blink!  Once you hit that snow line, you feel transported to another country!

Snowy trees on an adventure on the forest service road on the road to Dakota Ridge
the parking lot at Dakota Ridge being plowed by big machines

Dakota Ridge Transportion

We made sure we were there for opening day! Ultimately, opening day is around the winter solstice, depending on how much snow has fallen! And the big machines were there finishing up the parking lot when we arrived – it was fantastic conditions! It had snowed the night before and a was blue/slightly cloudy day. Perfect Conditions! Chains are recommended to traverse the road, but it is possible to make it up in a 4×4, but use your discretion. I have seen many people in the ditch and even some in urban vehicles with their all wheel tires on. That isn’t good enough for this mountain road climb, so options are available for rides up through Alpha Adventures at the IGA mall in Wilson Creek. Check their schedules!

Jessica gets out her snowshoes to get ready for our Dakota Ridge Adventure
Snow shoeing at a Dakota Ridge adventure
winter gloves on ski poles in the winter snow

Adrenalin Adventure Junkie Friends Forever!

Nancy, Jessica and I have been friends for many years. It is pretty safe to say we are are all, in some way, adrenalin adventure junkies! We actually were talking so much and so fast that we thought we would try to be more meditative and just listen to the silence snow brings. Um, that didn’t last the full minute 😉 In total we did 6K ad broke trail in some spots! What a great workout! So good for the soul, and seriously, how can that even compare to being on a treadmill?

two friends out on a Dakota Ridge snow shoe adventure
two friends cover their mouths as a joke while snow shoeing
gorgeous alpine trees covered in snow on a sunny day
Jessica takes a photo with her iphone
two friends play with icicles at a Dakota Ridge adventure
two friends pose in the snow at a Dakota Ridge Adventure
gorgeous snowy trails at Sunshine Coast BC

For our Dakota Ridge adventure we had our essentials package waiting for us at the truck! Notice that bottle of Prosecco was empty before I could even think to take a picture of the collection! TP, chocolate and wine are definitely tops 😉

two friends warm at the fireside at Dakota Ridge
two friends warm in the quonset hut at a Dakota Ridge Adventure
A Gray Jay lands on a girls hand to grab a treat
three best friends pose at the end of an excellent Dakota Ridge Adventure

If you are looking for adventure elopement, couples adventure sessions or family photos in the snow, the Sunshine Coast has it all to make this a special day!  Contact me here  for more information!

As we were leaving we ran into a student that Jess knows. She explained that she was actually doing a paper on what this special experience is called. She said it is “being in the flow”  and we were definitely “having a high quality recreational experience.”  And yes, I’d say it was! If you crave being in the flow for a Dakota Ridge adventure, it is easy to get to!