Fresh Air Photography Mentorships

I’m so excited to announce my Fresh Air Photography Mentorships!

learn how to shoot epic portraits like this image of two brides in the Rockies with photography mentorships with Fresh Air Photography

Have you been looking for a local photographer to help you learn the ins and outs of photography or to guide you along and help you find ways to improve your existing photography skills? YAY! That’s exactly how I ended up learning and improving my skills too. Once I learned basic settings and so on, I enjoyed travelling around the world to different workshops—from landscapes to equine to lighting techniques and weddings—to learn from other photographers.

And now that I have a good handle on all sorts of photography techniques for many different types of photography genres, I’m very passionate about sharing my knowledge with others. And, to make it even better, it turns out I LOVE teaching, so offering photography mentorships has been such a fun adventure for Fresh Air Photography to embark on.

Why should you sign up for a photography mentorship with Fresh Air Photography?

Photography has so many aspects—settings, composition, coaching subjects and clients on what to do, lighting tips and tricks—that it can get a bit overwhelming without a little help. While I learned my way around my camera by reading through the guidebook and shooting anything and everything, the real growth in my skills and confidence really began when I opened myself to learning from other photographers. Seriously, there is a HUGE difference in my work every time I learn from others and start applying their knowledge and tips. Photography mentorships have been a game-changer for me! And now I want to apply all that I know to help you find your passion and creativity to excel with your own photography. Signing up for a photography mentorship with me or a lesson or two is a fantastic way to up your shooting game and forge a new friendship with a pretty darn fun gal (haha, me)!

Does Fresh Air Photography offer photography mentorships or lessons in specific genres?

I am often asked what kind of photographer I am and what genre I shoot, but honestly, I don’t have just one—I shoot many because I am inspired by many and, I have to say, I enjoy them all!

I am passionate about photography—period—and I don’t think people have to limit themselves to one type. For that same reason, I’m offering photography mentorships in all kinds of photography that I’m familiar with.

Having said that, my main source of inspiration comes from my interaction with my clients and wedding photography. I’m a hands-on people person and love getting to know my clients by listening to how they want their stories to be told.

fresh air photography mentorships will help you tell a couple's wedding story like this image of a groom leading his new bride around a pond to exchange their vows

I have always loved all animals, in particular horses and dogs and I thoroughly enjoy capturing their spirits and relationships with their owners. In fact, when I was learning photography, I practiced most often on my horses (and still do)!

fresh air photography offers photography mentorships to show people how to photograph people with their animals like this young couple and their dog at the beach in the rain

Shooting landscapes has taken my mind in a totally different direction with my work. It is so different! I can spend a whole day planning for just one shot! Seriously! How crazy is that! I enjoy that challenge of landscapes so much because it pushes my mind, the limits of the camera and, ultimately, helps me in all areas of photography. Deciding where to place a couple in a gorgeous landscape view is so important.

engagement shoot with Fresh Air Photography in the rockies with couple kayaking under a bridge with mountains behind them.

You can see that these genres clearly all blend together and involve a basic love of photography.

Fresh Air Photography Lessons

The best place to start is with a lesson and go from there. What’s your passion? What would you like to learn about how to use your camera? How to pose and direct couples? How to frame subjects within a landscape? A particular genre? I’m down for coffee anytime and I travel between the coast and Okanagan often, so I’d be happy to meet with you if I’m near your neck of the woods.

Beginner lessons available starting at $100, enquire about more advanced training.