Book our Farm for Photos

Book Our Farm for Photos

Whether you’re a family looking for a nice place to get some family portraits done or you’re a photographer looking for a nice place to take your clients for outdoor portraits, our farm is the perfect little picturesque place and you can book the farm for photos. No matter what season we're in, there is always a place on the farm that will make a nice backdrop or an interesting prop in your portraits.

Also, as a photographer in Sechelt, I know that it can be tricky to nail down a nice location for family photos (or engagement or wedding photos), especially during the spring and summer months when the parks are overrun with photographers and their clients, as well as people enjoying the fresh air. It's always nice when we can find a place that's close, but not too populated, with lots of interesting backgrounds.

It’s beautiful, out of the way but still close to the heart of Sechelt, and it has something fun for everyone—from the quintessential white picket fences to gorgeous horses grazing in the fields to tractors and hay to blossoms on the trees and flowers in the garden. Any way you look at it, if you want a picturesque outdoor location, our farm is perfect for your family portraits.

All we need is a little notice that you want to swing by for some photos and to chat quickly to see if you want us to pull out the tractors, vintage trucks, hot rods or anything else.

Book a Beautiful Location!

The hourly rate is $100 and you can book up to two hours at a time. Let’s chat about booking our farm for your family photos!