I just love planning and photographing A Sunshine Coast Surprise Proposal. When Andy contacted me initially we had a few Zoom meetings about how he wanted to his surprise proposal to go. Andy decided on a place he thought would be perfect for proposing to Rebecca. There honestly is so many gorgeous spots and for someone that has never been here, I’m sure it was hard to decide!

Andy also had their best friends along to divert attention if needed. They were to be the go between on text messages so she wouldn’t catch on! He was very clear that beautiful flowers were an important part of a Sunshine Coast surprise proposal! I gave him some home work and sent him to Pinterest for some ideas of what he thought would be perfect.

While many guys chose red roses, Andy chose an incredible bouquet of softly coloured peach roses with pampas grass with a boho feel. He chose to propose in a fairly quiet place, just before dinner. Snicket Park on the Sunshine Coast is just a gorgeous easy walk along a paved boulevard. I visited the area a day or so before and sent a video so he could chose exactly where the surprise proposal would go down and he would know where to go once arriving there. Both Andy and Rebecca were visitors for the first time to the Sunshine Coast BC, so he wasn’t familiar with the area.

I always have a Plan B when planning a Surprise Proposal!

We had originally had a different spot, but the smoke from forest fires in Oregon and Washington blew in to the coast the day before. That’s when Plan B came into action! He chose Snicket Park. It was still a gorgeous beach that would photograph well. With A short camera reach it would provide a gorgeous backdrop of textures from the beach and rocky cliffs along the boulevard. It really was a perfect backdrop!

A rocky bluff along a smoky ocean has a bouquet of pastel colored roses awaiting a surprise proposal

Andy and Rebecca first met at a youth group while in their teens in Vancouver, BC. They became best friends first and then profess they became much more! The newly engaged couple have been together since 2016. Rebecca says Andy is the nicest guy ever, and I agree! He took so much care and attention to make this day special and memorable for her! My favourite florist, Laurel of Gibsons Florist put together the most gorgeous bouquet. It was even amazing than the ideas he shared with me!

This Sunshine Coast Surprise proposal could not have gone any smoother, or romantic! I was seriously doing a happy dance about all the smoke! The smoky air made for a dramatic magical photographic experience! We couldn’t even see the Trail Islands that are really rather close!

A young couple stroll along the Snicket Park boulevard towards a surprise proposal site.  She is unaware what is going to happen next!
A young man is on his knee as he proposes  on the Sunshine Coast
A young couple embrace just after he pops his surprise proposal.  She said yes!
A young couple newly engaged traverse a rocky bluff with a bouquet once the surprise proposal has happened
A young couple newly engaged pose for a portrait with a beautiful bouquet on the Sunshine Coast
collage of photos of a young couple walking along the beach and newly engaged
a double exposure of a young couple along the smoky ocean backdrop on the Sunshine Coast
couple walk along the rocky bluff Snicket Park on the Sunshine Coast
A young couple walk along the rocky bluffs of Sechelt BC
young couple watching their friends take selfies at Snicket Park, Sunshine Coast as they helped conspire to create a surprise proposal for her
young woman hugs her fiance just after getting engaged in Sechelt NC
newly engaged couple celebrate with a cheer with their best friends after a surprise proposal on the Sunshine Coast
Newly engaged couple pose for a portrait  at Snicket Park

They both love travelling, eating and spending time with friends and family. Andy and Rebecca also love visiting new places and discovering hidden gems. And now Rebecca says the Sunshine Coast has a special place in her heart and can’t wait to return!

Contact me today if you have something special planned in your mind for a proposal. I can make things happen, work with you so everything comes together seamlessly, and be there to photograph it!