Adventure Elopements in British Columbia

Sunshine Coast Float Plane Adventure Elopement with Adventure Elopement photographer

Adventure Elopements in British Columbia have been steadily gaining in popularity in the last five years and for good reason—more and more couples are throwing tradition to the wind and opting for nuptials that speak to their adventurous souls. And I’m TOTALLY bragging when I say that we have endless locations for Adventure Elopements in British Columbia—Boreal to Alpine to Coastal forests, 10 major mountain ranges, thousands of gorgeous lakes, miles and miles of pristine beaches along the Pacific Ocean, endless stunning waterfalls and more sublime scenery than the mind can actually comprehend. Whether you just want to do a short hike into a stunning spot, want to take a quick flight to the top of a mountain, or want to spend days in the backcountry, Adventure Elopements in British Columbia have it all! We don’t call it Supernatural British Columbia for nothing!

Adventure elopement in BC on the Sunshine Coast with Fresh Air Photography, adventure elopement photographer

And, let’s face it, anyone can choose to have a “normal” wedding, but choosing an Adventure Elopement in British Columbia is not normal. In fact, it’s nothing short of spectacular! How many people do you know who have scaled a mountain and said their “I do’s” at the top? How many people do you know who have jumped in a heli or a plane and flown to a secluded, mountain lake to exchange rings and declare their lifelong love next to crystal clear, untouched and pristine water? How many people do you know who have hiked into a secret, hidden treasure of a waterfall and hand-fasted in front of it while the spray misting them made their love seem to glow? If you’re looking to find the perfect combination of dramatic vows voiced against awe-inspiring backdrops, Adventure Elopements in British Columbia are the way to go and offer something for every type of adventurer!

Sunshine Coast Sailboat Micro Wedding

What is an Adventure Elopement?

What exactly is an Adventure Elopement anyway? Old School elopements usually involved a young couple running off to get hitched at the local city hall or in a neighbouring town, perhaps even against their parents’ wishes or because the bride was pregnant. Those days are long gone, however, and today elopements and intimate weddings are a common way for two people to celebrate what really matters—their deep love and commitment to each other—without all the pomp and circumstance and big dollars that surround crazy expensive, modern weddings. Adventure Elopements (especially Adventure Elopements in British Columbia) take it one step further by taking something traditional and sacred and adding in an element of, “OMG! Our wedding was epic!” 

a newlywed couple walks on top of a mountain during their adventure elopement in british columbia with Fresh Air Photography

Whether you want to run away—just the two of you—or you want to include a few people and still keep your vows intimate and private, an Adventure Elopement is about celebrating YOU in a way that speaks to your soul and sense of adventure. Some couples choose to run away with just a photographer and their hiking boots for an intimate Adventure Elopement, while others choose a handful of their nearest and dearest and embark on their love adventure with them. 

fresh air photography photographer sherry nelsen walks along the shore of a high mountain lake with a foat plane in the background during her adventure elopement in british columbia

Guided & Planned Adventure Elopements in British Columbia

I may gush about this a lot, but nothing makes my heart sing like working with two people in mad love to plan their Adventure Elopement in British Columbia and then guiding them to the spot and photograph the entire experience as the magic unfolds!

Not only is it essential that we design a day that feels totally like YOU, but we also have to make sure you’re both capable of getting to where you want to go, so planning for a location that fits your style, fitness level, and capabilities is essential! 

a newly eloped couple embrace where two mountain peaks meet during their adventure elopement in british columbia with bc adventure elopement photographer

The first step in the process toward your Adventure Elopement or an Adventure Elopement in British Columbia is to sit down and do a phone or video chat about what you’re looking for in your elopement, how you envision the day playing out, and anything else you want to incorporate into the details of the day. Whatever your dream is, we’ll talk about all the logistics involved and find a way to make it happen!

Once we’ve chatted and I have an idea of your kick-ass Adventure Elopement vision, I’ll get to work designing your day, and a few different custom-tailored packages that will give you some different options. Then all you have to do is choose your date, choose your package, sign the contract, and pay the non-refundable deposit and we’re off!

After that, you can both relax while I will flesh out all the details for your package, make all the arrangements, and send you a complete itinerary that outlines the where, when, and how of your big adventurous day. 

Then you show up, we put our adventure boots on—so-to-speak—and we get out into the wilderness for an epic, love-filled, romantic romp in nature.

a bride and groom stand on a bridge in a rainforest during their BC Adventure Elopement with Fresh Air Photography

Tips & Tricks for Planning Adventure Elopements in BC

Remember that Adventure Elopements are not traditional-type weddings. You don’t have to worry about booking a venue or a caterer or any of the usual-type wedding arrangements. All you have to do is focus on the two of you, your love, and how you want to share it with each other. There are no rules, no traditions, and, best of all, no pressure to invite a large number of guests or be “on” all day. 

Your wedding day will be intimate, stress-free, and more about being wildly in love in the wilderness than following a well-planned timeline—picture slow dancing on the edge of a cliff, walking barefoot, hand-in-hand, through a mountain stream, or hanging from ropes on the side of a mountain, covered in chalk, with nothing but air dangling for hundreds of feet below you. The sky’s the limit (literally) when it comes to Adventure Elopements in BC.

bride and groom walk along a deserted beach during their elopement on the sunshine coast of british columbia

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