Proposal Photographer & Planner

Believe it or not, a professional proposal photographer and planner will be your best friend when it comes to making your dream proposal happen! As a professional proposal photographer and planner, I love creating proposal packages where I can not only help you plan your perfect proposal but also be there to capture the magic as it happens in real-time! It just makes everything so much more organized and makes for a smoother proposal because you’ll have a schedule and guidelines to follow.young man in his 20s kneels in the snow and presents a ring to his love under a magical canopy of Christmas lights during a secret proposal photographer fresh air photography

Why Should You Use an Expert Proposal Photographer and Planner?
a romantic forest picnic set up by professional proposal photographer and fresh air photography in sechelt bc

Proposal Photographers are GOOD at this stuff!

As a proposal photographer and planner, I’ll help plan the entire proposal, including the timeline and guidelines to follow for the day so you can get your love to the right spot at the right time, in the right outfit, without them suspecting a thing. We are also really good at coaching you on techniques to stall the bride or groom-to-be, and even hints on how to ensure everyone is dressed their best ☺️. Lastly, I’ll also bring all the props and accessories for you and can set them up before you arrive.

young brown man down on one knee laughs and smiles as he proposes to his beautiful brown girlfriend and she accepts. Images captured by planning and proposal photographer fresh air photography

We're basically Ninjas!

Proposal photographers and planners are basically ninjas and we know how to get really close to your proposal spot—discreetly—in order to capture everything as it unfolds at the scene.

man proposes to his girlfriend on the beach in Sechelt at sunset.

We are creative experts!

We are creative experts and know exactly how to capture the best lighting from the best angles as we capture the magic of you popping the big question at your location of choice.

Real reactions in real time!

Having us around will eliminate the awkwardness of having to try to recreate the moment, after the fact, and get a genuine reaction.

If you choose to plan the proposal without anyone’s help, be prepared. Do you have a proposal game plan? Planning the perfect proposal requires some serious thought about your love and their tastes. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you think everything through thoroughly and have a solid plan in place before you do it. A well-thought out proposal will stick in your future spouse’s mind for the rest of their life. Do it right!

What do they like?

Remember, this is about them, not you, so plan according to what they would consider the perfect proposal. You want them to feel special by showing them you know who they are and what they love.

Fave places?

Cities, favorite landmarks, coffee shops, restaurants or even a favorite vacation spot? Think about these places when brainstorming your proposal ideas and possible places to pop the question.

What's your story?

What’s your history together? Where did you meet? What and where was your first date? Get sentimental! Even if you met on a dating app, these are all things that can become part of your proposal.

But what will we wear?

Come up with a plan that will ensure your significant other is looking their best when you get them to the special spot. Your bride to be may want to be wearing makeup for this captured moment or the future groom may want to have a fresh do and a shave or beard trim.

Expect the unexpected!

Create a timeline and gather all necessary details, but remember that even the best-planned events can fall off track (lunch arrives late, the weather goes awry, your limo arrives early, etc.). Have a back up plan for as many possibilities as you can think of and allow for some flexibility in your timeline to ensure you can pull everything off without too many hitches.

Set up beforehand!

Plan to set up everything that needs to be done beforehand. What do you need to set up to make the proposal work? Do you need to request access to certain places? Do you need someone to help you bring props and accessories and set them up for you? Do you need someone to scout ahead to make sure people aren’t in the spot you’ve chosen, etc. (This is where a Professional Proposal Photographer comes in really handy!) Nail the details before the time comes.

Whether you choose to have us help you plan the entire proposal or wait in the wings to capture the moment as hit happens, we are so excited for you and your future Mr or Mrs.