While it’s common to do photos shoots along the ocean and our amazing beaches, I’d been dying to shoot a Sunshine Coast Mountain Engagement. You see, the Sunshine Coast is mostly known for its lush rainforests, small beachside elopement venues and, of course, the gorgeous sunsets we get! So I was super excited when I got together with fellow photographers Chad and Alysha for an engagement shoot. It’s so fun to talk photography while I’m shooting and Chad knows so much about the technical end of the camera.

An engagement story where the couple embrace at sunset
couple run along the mountains in engagement session

Chad and Alysha met at the local Tim Hortons during a local Car Club and coffee meet. Things progressed from there and they’ve been together for three years now, but both say it feels like a lifetime. In a good way of course! And I could just feel the connection when I hung out with them. I always feel smitten when I see that because it truly makes my job easy when you see love just flow.

An engagement photo session where the couple embrace and Chad looks very smitten
Chad and Alysha walk in the mountains at their engagement session
Couple kiss tenderly at their Sunshine Coast Engagement photo session

From Timmins to finding the perfect girl for a Sunshine Coast Engagement

Chad is from Timmins, Ontario and moved to the Coast when he was offered a job position about 6 years ago. So it made sense to capture them both in a Sunshine Coast Mountain Engagement. So different from back east and a perfect location for their photos!

While they were both with different people at the time they met, they became good friends. Eventually life changed for both of them and friendship turned into something more. The couple really feel they are the same person and have never felt so secure with their relationship. Chad and Alysha are truly blessed to have found each other. No wedding date planned thanks to Covid but both say it’s going to be well worth waiting for.!

Couple smile and contemplate with heads together at their Sunshine Coast Engagement Session
double exposure of couple and their hands touching photo by Sherry NElsen
An engagement story and the couple jump in the air in happiness Sunshine Coast BC
couple jumping in the mountains in lansdale engagement photo
Couple smile for the camera at their Sunshine Coast engagement session
Newly engaged couple kiss under the lights in Gibsons

Looking for a Sunshine Coast mountain engagement session before you marry? Just give me a shout! I’d love to location scout and find the perfect mountain view for you!


Love these images! The large format has a big impact. Love the moody light also.

I LOVE them!! What a sweet and fun couple, great job using Blue Hour!!

What a sweet engagement I love the moody blue vibes

Oh my gosh!!!! STUNNING! I need to come visit this place because it looks absolutely beautiful!

Thank you so much! I love making my photos as true to color as they can be, with just a little awesome sauce! They really loved them! Thank you!

Thank you, when you don’t get a sunset, you get blue hour here on the coast! And its often just as gorgeous!

Thank you so much! I do love black and white, its so timeless!

These photos are gorgeous! I particularly love the Black and White photos!

I love the blue light of the session! And you can tell how much they adore each other.

wow these Sunshine Coast Mountain Engagement pictures are stunning! i love your editing style. i bet the couple was so happy with these! great job!