My youngest son Reece came to me before Christmas and asked me to help him plan a Grouse Mountain Surprise Proposal. He approached me well before Christmas and told me of his plans and it included the date of proposing January 5. The date was very important to them both as it was the day that he and Kayla had made it official and became boyfriend and girlfriend.  I have to admit, I was a little surprised and didn’t see that coming and was so excited! What I didn’t know was that it was the hardest secret to keep – EVER! 

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Seeing that I am a proposal planner, it was thrilling to offer him my skills and make this proposal amazing!  Reece had some ideas of how he wanted to propose so we chatted about some ideas. There were a few details that were super important to him, the date being one, he had already asked her dad for her hand in marriage and wanted to come up with a place that would be incredible! It truly was a great honour for me to be involved.  Planning the evening was one of the easiest stories I’ve been involved with that was executed to perfection!  

Both Reece and Kayla have been gracious with me and often model when I have asked while I practice different photography techniques. So it was very easy to tell Kayla that I wanted to bring my camera along and practice snow photos with lighting up Grouse Mountain.  I did make sure to mention that since they would be special date photos,  please come looking really cute!

Grouse Mountain gondola coming down Grouse Mountain
Kayla and Reece take the gondola up Grouse Mountain
Arrving off the gondola at Grouse Mountain at dusk
Kayla and Reece pose at sunset as she fixes his touque on Grouse Mountain in preparation for a surprise proposal

Grouse Mountain is one of the iconic places to visit in Vancouver. The Light Walk is really beautiful.  I had not been up in many years so I did my research and knew I could make some magic in the Light Tunnel. An assistant would be needed to help me and I had that planned ahead of time. Since the Light Tunnel is a fairly well known attraction, I knew we would have a hard time having the tunnel of lights to ourselves.  That is where my husband came in as my valued assistant. His job would be to hold the crowd back briefly!

Proposal Stories are so important to have planned out! 

We let the couple walk ahead and I played around with my camera while Reece acted so cool, like nothing was happening!  (Trust me, most guys are usually a nervous wreck at this stage!)  He handled it so well, and neither of them payed attention to Ken.  He did his job well, and had stopped the crowd while the proposal went down!  When it’s time to propose, emotions are running high and you want the moment to be memorable for the rest of your lives! Kayla did not see this coming and was truly surprised!  What a beautiful moment! They never even noticed the people cheering as she said yes!

Kayla Reece walk through the tunnel of lights at Grouse Mountain
Reece goes down on his knee for a Grouse Mountain Surprise Proposal
Kayla is very emotional at her Grouse Mountain surprise proposal as Reece puts the ring on her finger
Kayla said yes at this Grouse Mountain Surprise Proposal
Kayla of course was on the phone to her parents telling them of her engagement on Grouse Mountain
Kayla and Reece official portrait
Kayla wipes away a tear of happiness at her Grouse Mountain surprise proposal

Grouse Mountain is the Perfect Location to Propose!

The Light Walk itself is about a kilometre and beautiful romantic music played the whole time. The Pathway was packed snow, and snowshoes or crampons are recommended although we didn’t have them on.  White festive lights are scattered throughout the trees and it really is something everyone should experience!Kayla and Reece take the romantic lighted snow trail around Grouse Mountain
Newly engaged couple have a quiet moment amonst the snow covered trees on Grouse Mountain
Newly engaged couple look at the ring on her finger and enjoy the newfound emotions
Newly engaged couple walk the Light Walk on Grouse Mountain
Newly engaged couple stroll along the Light Walk while romantic music plays
Reece picks up his bride to be amongst the tall evergreens covered in snow
Kayla Reece  enjoy the lighted reindeer on Grouse Mountain
Newly engaged couple pose in front of the Hiwus Feasthouse on Grouse Mountain

Dinner had been reserved of course, with a table with a lovely view of Vancouver at the Observatory Restaurant.  It is a five star restaurant, and we had ordered a bottle of champagne to celebrate this amazing day!   My husband Ken and I were invited and really enjoyed the moment with the newly engaged couple!
Kayla Reece enjoy their first dinner at the Observatory Restaurant for their Grouse Mountain surprise proposal
And wouldn’t you know!  After we finished our dinner and went to  go down the gondola and it was snowing!  The photographer in me insisted we stop for just a few more photos! The lighting I had with me would light those snowflakes up and make a bit more magical photos for them!  Kissing just a few more times was ok by them!
newly engaged Kayla kisses Reece at Grouse Mountain Light Walk

Newly Engaged couple  kiss in the Light Walk Tunnel on Grouse MountainCongratulations Kayla and Reece!  We can’t wait to see when you decide it is the right time to set a date! 

If you are interested in finding out more about a Light Walk photography experience, or planning your special proposal please contact me here


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